What is it like to be spied on in broad daylight?

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We welcomed the wild and the free,
Delhi seems more prepared now for Covid-19.

We learnt more about human's best friend.
The wait for the world's fastest train
has come to an end.

We took a trip to the colosseum
to see what lies underneath.

Olympics is coming, 
out of excitement, we can't breath.

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Trailblazers: Interview with Thaathwik Arsha Abhilash

Meet the young author who turned his holiday homework into a book, here.

In The Spotlight: Danish Siddiqui

On July 16th, the Pulitzer Prize winning Indian journalist, Danish Siddiqui, passed away while covering a clash between Afghan security forces and the Taliban. Know more about this pathbreaker, here. 

Pegasus: The software that spies on you in broad daylight

Imagine that your entire online world – social media, messages, data, passwords, logins, etc., was kept safe and private with a lock, and only you have the key. But what if there is a duplicate key? Know more, here

Dogs are even closer to humans than you thought

A new research shows that dogs have an innate ability to communicate with humans. Find out more about our BFF from the animal kingdom, here

Are you ready to embark upon the world's fastest train?

If your answer is yes, then find all that you need to know, here.

Here’s what you Missed Out

If you are looking for a lowdown on all the whacky, wonderful and sometimes, plain weird, happenings in the world around us, then head to our new column, Missed out! This time we have the story of a burger made of gold and roads that take you back in time. Read (and watch) away, here.

All work and no play…

All work, and no play makes Owliver a dull owl…So, head over to Owliver’s Puzzles for some unparalleled fun.
Psst. You might just learn how to make a masterpiece, here

Find out how Mani uses a straw…

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