What happened when a monkey took a selfie?

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We met a saviour of tigers,
and a Kargil veteran 
who continues to be a fighter.

We heard that animals like privacy,
so knock on Owliver's door 
if you want a new story.

We decoded crypto currency,
and met an artist who shares his work for free.

The Olympics have arrived!
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Catch up with Baani and Billi…

Billi and Baani travel to Havana, Cuba and discuss their differing opinions on who’s to blame for Cuba’s current predicament.

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Here’s a short introduction of Owliver’s chattiest friends— Billi wants to be cool and Baani is anything but. Listen to the two of them hilariously grapple with the oddities of the world around them. Catch the earlier episodes, here.

Trailblazers 2.0: An interview with Shekar Dattatri

This week we celebrated International Tiger Day with the filmmaker who gave up fame to create real change. Know more about this trailblazer, here.

Do animals have a right to privacy?

Think more about this question with the stories of a macaque taking selfies, an elephant creating artwork, and tigers seeking a break from human attention.

China shuts the door on investigation into Covid-19 origins

With all that we know about the pandemic, we are still not sure where it came from. And China's move might just make it harder. Here's all that you need to know.

In the Spotlight: Anil Kumar Chowhan

Meet the artist who believes that art has no religion, here.

All work and no play...

All work, and no play makes Owliver a dull owl…So, head over to Owliver’s Puzzles for some unparalleled fun.
Psst. Did you know that Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan played basketball together? Find out more about this lethal combination, here.

Find out who Mini brought to school for Show and Tell…

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