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Stories help us understand the world around us and our own selves. At Owliver’s Post we are all about stories. And to celebrate the power of storytelling, we are back with our very successful workshop, Tale-Me-More.

Tale me more is a two-day interactive workshop for young people who want to tell their story. Participants must be between the age of 11 and 15. Over two days we will introduce you to the basics of scripting a short memoir and performing it with emotion.

There will be a total of 25 participants, so hurry up and make sure that you're one of them! You can sign up, here.

And here’s a snapshot of the very special stories Owliver brought to you this week…

Trailblazer: Interview with Little Chef Kicha

Meet the 11-year-old Nihal Raj, the world renowned chef who wants to be the world’s first intergalactic chef.

Trailblazers 2.0: Interview with Srini Swaninathan

Meet the Covid-19 superhero who needs no cape, here.

Can science save a species that is functionally extinct?

Owliver brings to you the case of the Northern White Rhinos, and the stories of the last two of the species, Najin and Fatu. Read more about how science can help bring back their numbers, here.

Your burning vaccine questions are now being answered

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of the nation, making some announcements on how the government is planning on tackling the second wave of Covid-19. Here’s what you need to know!

The earth’s ecosystems need protection – How are we helping?

Did you know that only 3% of the world’s ecosystems are still intact? What does this mean? How can you help? Find out here.

All work and no play…

All work, and no play makes Owliver a dull owl…So, head over to Owliver’s Puzzles for some unparalleled fun.

Psst. You might just find your next binge watch!

Find out how Mani and Mini are enjoying the rains

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