Of living planets, space tourists, and eco-friendly cars

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We found a way to combat fake news,
Did you know that space has a new muse?

We found more storytellers to join our journey,
to share their thoughts, writing, and make merry.

Venus is alive and there’s more to know,
there’s an issue simmering over
a rice bowl.

We remembered a legendary sportsperson,
and discusses a browser’s oldest version.

If the world moves at a speed that makes you dizzy,
stick with us for news that is relevant, accessible and easy…

Catch up with Baani and Billi…

Billi and Baani take on Europe’s Last Dictator as they discuss Belarus’ political turmoil and its recent state-sponsored hijacking incident. Tune into our latest episode on Google PodcastsSpotifyBreakerAnchorRadioPublic, and Pocket Casts.

Here’s a short introduction of Owliver’s chattiest friends— Billi wants to be cool and Baani is anything but. Listen to the two of them hilariously grapple with the oddities of the world around them. Catch the earlier episodes, here.

Trailblazers: Interview with Nikkhil Menon

At the age of twelve, this young Table-Tennis star already has a National Medal. Learn more about him, here.

Understanding UAPA: A law that deals with terror and national security

In this week’s Law and Order column, let’s explore this law, shall we?

What was so special about June 21?

There are two reasons to celebrate June 21. Find out, here.

The vehicles that could make Delhi almost half as smoggy

Switch Delhi is an initiative that helps Delhi’s citizens switch from cars and two-wheelers that run on polluting fossil fuels to electric vehicles. Know more about this initiative, here.

All work and no play…

All work, and no play makes Owliver a dull owl…So, head over to Owliver’s Puzzles for some unparalleled fun.

Psst. You might find your next book binge right here.

Find out how Mani helps out Mini

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