How much are poor countries losing to pandemic related travel restrictions?

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We found out what the pandemic did to travel.
For the Haitian crisis, we did an unravel.

We celebrated a fighter of equal rights,
and one who is working to win over the pandemic's might.

We decoded Netflix's origin,
and met those with Olympics as their ambition.

Owliver promises to bring to you
all that is there to know about the world.
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as he is true to his word!

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Trailblazers: An interview with Samay Mehta

This Class 11 student started Conscious Living amid the pandemic to help people get the most essential commodity during this time – medical oxygen (O2). Know more about his journey, here.

The assassination of Jovenel Moïse: What happens when the leader of a country is killed?

The Haitian President was killed and no one knows why. But there are suspects, as with any murder mystery. Read this story to unravel this mystery.

India’s adivasi community loses a strong and vocal supporter of their cause

On July 5, India mourned after news of the passing of 84-year-old Father Stan Swamy spread. In this week’s Law and Order, let’s find out who was Stan Swamy and why he is in the news so much.

Poor countries stand to lose A LOT of money because of vaccine related travel restrictions

And it runs into many zeroes…Find out here.

Remembering Nelson Mandela – a fearless fighter for equal rights

In this week’s Rewind with Owliver, let's remember the man who worked hard to change the lives of millions of South African people.

All work and no play…

All work, and no play makes Owliver a dull owl…So, head over to Owliver’s Puzzles for some unparalleled fun.
Psst. You might just find your next movie binge, here.

Find out how Mani becomes Mini’s coach at basketball

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